The Importance of Regular Diabetes Assessments: A Comprehensive Overview

Living with diabetes? Dr. Juan Zubieta at North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble TX offers a thorough diabetes assessment to help you achieve the best health possible.

Importance of Regular Diabetes Assessments

Diabetes is a condition that permeates every area of your life. It forces you to make changes to your lifestyle in order to live healthily and prevent complications. Making healthy changes is never a bad thing, but it’s important that you make the changes you need. Dr. Zubieta and the team at North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble TX share below how a diabetes assessment can help you do this and why it’s so important to have one regularly. 

What Is a Diabetes Assessment? 

A comprehensive assessment for diabetes takes a deep look into how diabetes is affecting your body. It involves various questions about your symptoms, as well as a thorough exam. Urine and blood are also collected for analysis. It all provides information on foot function, blood pressure, eyesight, renal function, hemoglobin levels, hypoglycemia levels, and more. 

Why Are Regular Assessments So Important? 

It’s important for everyone to stay on top of their health, especially when you have a condition like diabetes. Below are just two benefits you gain from regular diabetes assessments with your doctor. 

Personalized Management Plan 

Knowing you have diabetes might lead you to do a great deal of research to determine what you need to do. This is a wise move, and there is plenty of great information available. However, the tips are generalized. 

In order to truly manage your condition, you need to know what moves you need to make. Are you exercising enough? Are you eating as well as you think? Are your efforts making an impact? These are the types of questions that regular diabetes assessments can help answer. 

Additionally, not everyone can take the same exact steps. For example, you might have certain food sensitivities or may not be capable of performing certain exercises. When you visit your doctor for your assessment, you can discuss these issues and find a way that you can manage your diabetes around them. 

Prevention of Complications 

Diabetes can cause many complications, including vision trouble, heart disease, nerve damage, kidney trouble, and more. Regular assessments can help catch potential issues and set a corrective course. If these complications are already beginning, regular assessments can help ensure you get the treatment you need and slow their progression.

Schedule your diabetes assessment with Dr. Zubieta at North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble TX by calling (832) 644-9595 today.

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