Diabetes Management


The diagnosis of Diabetes.

At North Houston Diabetes Institute, we know how frightening a diagnosis of Diabetes can be. Sometime the patient has seen first hand the complications of the disease, in other case is the fear of not being able to take care of yourself or the love ones what generates the anxiety. Don't worry, Diabetes, like any other chronic condition, can be controlled. 

How does diabetes management work? 

Diabetes management is about taking an active role in your diabetes. Staying on top of a care routine is the key to stopping the progression of the disease. Support your body with regular appointments, and by increasing your knowledge of diabetes and proper insulin management. Following your first diabetes assessment, your diabetes-doctor will carefully review your results and create a personalized treatment plan just for you, targeting the areas of highest concern or risk. You will then complete follow-up assessments in regular basis until the patient reaches the best possible state of health. After that routine evaluations will reassure compliance with treatment and identify complications.  

10 Simple Steps are the key to a good Diabetes Management 

10 Steps to control Diabetes

Maintaining glucose control starts by looking at the readings on the glucometer. It helps to ensure that their blood sugar levels stay within a target range by providing immediate feedback. The better glucose control, the lower the risk of complications associated with both high and low blood sugar levels. Patient who are receiving insulin may need to adjust insulin dosage and administration. When a patient comes to the visit, readings at home are discussed and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.

It is important to keep your appointments. A close communication with the doctor to discuss possible side effects or intolerance to the combination of medications prescribed will facilitate adjustments.  The recommendations given are part of the treatment. Patient who try to stay on a plan are more likely to achieve better glucose control. 

Most medications are once a day. The new drugs called GLP1a can be given once a week. It makes it convenient and easy to follow. When the pill burden is too high, the doctor can help reducing it by prescribing combination of drugs available these days. 

Weight loss is paramount in glucose control Studies show that 20% reduction in weight will result in significant reduction in insulin resistance. The ess insulin resistance, the more effective the pancreas is, the better glucose control. Diabetic foot is a devastating complication. At North Houston Diabetes Institute, a comprehensive foot examination is part of your quaterly evaluation. Patients with documented neuropathy or amputations, may need custom designed shoes.   Once a year a visit to the dentist, a diabetic eye exam, and evaluation of liver and renal function may help to identify early complications. 

Will my numbers improve with diabetes management?

Diabetes may not have a cure, but its progress can be kept under control. With proper attention, the complications of diabetes can be delayed or avoided altogether. The earlier you begin your diabetes management program under the care of Dr. Juan Carlos Zubieta, the sooner you will start to feel better about your diagnosis and feel better in your body.


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