Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management Guided by Technology In Humble, TX

A diabetes diagnosis can lead to many questions and nervous thoughts about the future. You may wonder what you can expect, and whether you can do anything about it. With modern technology, it is finally easy to navigate through this learning curve and find the right path for your treatment. 

When you first visit North Houston Diabetes Institute, you will receive a diabetes assessment and a digital report card of your results. The assessment will give us insight into several key areas of your health that are typically affected by diabetes. It takes the guesswork out of diabetes management because we can visually see the progression of your diabetes and what needs to be worked on. Our color-coding system makes it simple to quickly find problematic areas colored in red, and healthy areas colored in green. The system stores your test results so that consecutive tests can be compared and monitored for changes automatically. You will complete the tests using an interactive touchscreen monitor right in an exam room at our office.

How does diabetes management work?

Diabetes management is about taking an active role in your diabetes. Staying on top of a care routine is the key to stopping the progression of the disease. Support your body with regular appointments, and by increasing your knowledge of diabetes and proper insulin management. 

Following your first diabetes assessment, your diabetes-certified physician will carefully review your results and create a personalized treatment plan just for you, targeting the areas of highest concern or risk. You will then complete follow-up assessments each month until your diabetes is considered under control, at which time you will be able to space out your appointments to every 3 months. 

Will my numbers improve with diabetes management?

Diabetes may not have a cure, but its progress can be kept under control. With proper attention, the complications of diabetes can be delayed or avoided altogether. The earlier you begin your diabetes management program under the care of Dr. Juan Carlos Zubieta, the sooner you will start to feel better about your diagnosis and feel better in your body.


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