Are There Different Types of Thyroid Disorders?

Here at the North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble, TX, our Dr. Juan Zubieta receives many questions about thyroid disorders. The thyroid is a gland in the throat responsible for secreting a hormone that regulates the metabolic rate and some other things. When the rate of secretion gets out of whack, a thyroid disorder arises. This article will detail several different types of thyroid disorders.


Hypothyroidism, also known as an underactive thyroid, is a thyroid that doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone. This can be caused by a number of things, including autoimmune disorders and issues in the pituitary gland. Symptoms may include:

  •  Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle cramps


Hyperthyroidism, also known as overactive thyroid, is a disorder where the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone. This can be caused by too much iodine consumption and thyroiditis, among other things. Symptoms include: 

  • Weight loss
  • Nervousness
  • Sleep issues
  • Shakiness

Thyroid Tumors

Thyroid tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous, are another type of thyroid disorder with a host of causes and symptoms depending on the variety. Dr. Zubieta, here at the North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble, TX, often receives questions about lumps and bumps. It's important to come in for a visit if you notice anything that might be concerning. 

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the thyroid, causing it to not produce enough thyroid hormone. It is the most common type of thyroiditis. Symptoms include:

  •  Goiter, or swelling of the neck
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism
  • Occasional symptoms of hyperthyroidism

All in all, disorders of the thyroid do not need to be an obscure topic. There are a variety of possible disorders. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above or have more questions, schedule an appointment with Dr. Zubieta at the North Houston Diabetes Institute in Humble, TX, by calling (832) 644-9595.

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