The Importance of Regular Physical Exams

You do all you can to stay healthy. You exercise, eat healthy foods, and practice stress relief. Do you remember to have a physical exam every year? It’s easy to get busy and forget about scheduling a regular physical examination, but seeing your doctor regularly plays a big part in maintaining your health.

There are several reasons why regular physical exams are important. Visiting your doctor regularly allows your doctor to:

  • Order blood tests to check your cholesterol, blood sugar, and other important measurements
  • Review your lab results with you and prescribe any necessary medications to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and more
  • Check your vital signs including heart rate and pulse to help identify any heart irregularities
  • Check your height and weight and discuss any dietary or lifestyle modifications to help you lose or gain weight
  • Check your musculoskeletal system for any abnormalities and impairments
  • Check your vision and hearing to identify any impairments that need correction

If you are dealing with acute or chronic illnesses or diseases, your doctor can help you manage them during your regular physical examination. If you need to visit a specialist like a cardiologist or orthopedic specialist, your doctor can provide the appropriate referral.

Regular physical exams also provide an opportunity for you to receive any recommended vaccinations, including flu, pneumonia, shingles, and more.

Your doctor may also perform examinations for women, to check the health of the reproductive system and men, to check the prostate.

Age-related conditions can also be identified and discussed during a regular physical exam. Your doctor can order bone density studies to check for osteoporosis, colon cancer screening to check for colon cancer, and imaging studies to check for musculoskeletal issues like arthritis.

If you are trying to stay as healthy as possible, don’t forget to have a regular physical exam at least once each year. To find out more about the importance of regular physical exams and how they can help protect your health, talk with your doctor today.

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